Columbia Flute Choir

Columbia Flute Choir, under the direction of Sharyn Byer, has been delighting Washington audiences since 1994, performing throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area. The ensemble features all members of the flute family including piccolo, C flute, alto flute, bass flute, contr'alto flute, contrabass flute, and subcontr'alto flute. Columbia Flute Choir presents a variety of classical music as well as original works for flute choir, and hosts an annual Flute Choir Festival in the Fall. Highlights of previous seasons include Columbia Flute Choir performances at The White House, on the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage, Concert Hall with Sir James and Lady Jeanne Galway, and Terrace Theater, in the Helen Hayes Gallery at The National Theatre, on Columbia Institute of Fine Arts "Distinguished Artist Series", during Fairfax City's "Spotlight on the Arts", on the "Old Town Hall Performance Series" in Fairfax, and the "Muldoon Concert Series" in Annandale. Columbia Flute Choir has presented world premieres at the Washington Flute Society's Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention and the National Flute Association's Annual Convention.

Current Members include: Back Row (left to right): Heather Tribble, Claire Smith, Joan da Silva Heit, Michelle Clover, Anne Smith, Alexandra Molnar-Suhajda (sitting at the harp). Middle Row: Robyn Winz, Marissa Weisberger Danielle Barsky, Mary Real, Lindsey Larson, Lindsay Hemphill (standing with sub-contrabass flute in G). Front Row: Sydnee Stein, Tanya Haley, Ivan Amir, Jessica Bateman, Liz Crane-Wexler, Madeline Walker (standing with contrabass flute), Sharyn Byer, Director

Not pictured: Catherine Ade, Julia Amadee, Laura Cook, Katherine Coughlin, Brittany Primavera, Nan Raphael, Katie Rice, Rachael Smith, Holly Vesilind, JennaMarie Warfield, Michelle Williams

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